Frequently Asked Questions
Does anybody get a watch fixed anymore?
The fact that many watches are given as gifts to celebrate significant events in a person's life results in a high level of attachment most people have to that watch, regardless of the price that was paid for it and a desire to have it repaired when things go wrong.
What makes a watch stop working if it hasn't gotten damaged?
The watch movement, regardless of age, can become contaminated with foreign materials or moisture that will cause the interruption of dependable operation.  Most of these problems can be solved with routine overhaul work.
I broke the glass out of my watch and the crown is missing.  Do you do small fixes?
Much of the repair work we see in the shop daily requires fixing things not directly related to the timekeeping movement.  Our vast supply of parts on hand makes it possible to do these repairs quickly. 
Will I know how much my repair will cost before the work is done?
A large part of our goal in providing service to you is complete satisfaction on your part.  That includes estimating repair costs to you before any work is done, charging only for return postage and a $5 estimating fee. 
Please contact us for any additional questions you may have.